Podcast 40: Ask Me Anything #3


Welcome to another episode of The Words Matter Podcast.

Only 6 months late, here is the Ask Me Anything number 3, where I respond to your questions sent to me. Given how much time has passed since the last one (back in September last year) there was quite a library of questions to choose from, so I’ve selected a bunch to cover a range of topics.

So in this episode I share my thoughts on:

  • The upcoming Qualitative Research Podcast Series.
  • The need for still having three evidence facing MSK professions (physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopath? Should we drop the labels and focus on clinical competency? Or does each profession have something unique that it brings to the table?
  • My most influential non-therapy related books.
  • What I have changed my mind about since starting your podcast.
  • My best resources for explaining chronic/ persistent pain (in the absence of pathology) from a BPS perspective to patients.
  • How I would use language differently with children.
  • How the CauseHealth Series  (see here) has influenced the way that I practice and any adaptations I have made because of dispositionalism.
  • My favourite philosopher and whether I use a particular philosophical framework in my clinical practice.
  • On whether it is better to specialise in a field (eg headaches, shoulder or LBP) than be a general MSK clinician as a new graduate.

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