Podcast 08: Ask Me Anything #1


Welcome to another episode of The Words Matter Podcast, and the first Ask Me Anything episode. Thanks for all your questions, please keep them rolling in for future AMA episodes.

In this AMA I discuss:

  • The main barriers that I encounter for musculoskeletal clinicians/osteopaths to adopt a biopsychosocial approach to their practice.
  • Recording diagnoses in clinical notes, and moving away from specific tissues to other factors more salient to the persons' situation and experience.
  • How I got into academia, my PhD journey and suggestions for those wanting to begin to dip their toes in.
  • The main challenges I experienced moving from student to novice and then to a more experienced clinician.
  • My view on how evidence-based practice can and should blur the boundaries of musculoskeletal therapies, professional identities and distinctiveness. 

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