Podcast 04: Constructing and living with chronic back pain identities - with Dr Noor Abdal

On this episode I spoke with Dr Noor Abdal, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has a special interest in persistent pain.
Noor and I both completed our PhD's around the same time at the University of Brighton, and were part of the same 'methodological group' employing constructivist grounded theory (GT) to try and figure things out. We resisted the temptation to launch into a discussion about GT and qualitative research (but a podcast is coming focusing on this topic...), but if you'd like to read more about GT see my paper here on what GT is all about.
In this podcast we spoke about Noor’s clinical work as a Biopsychosocially orientated physiotherapist in Kuwait and how she’s integrating psychologically-informed practice in her management of patients.
We also talked about her excellent PhD which explored illness identities amongst Kuwaiti women experiencing CLBP. She developed a grounded theory to describe and explain the impact of cultural, social and emotional experiences on women’s manifestations of chronic low back pain and their behaviours towards it. We touch on how we as clinicians can relate this theory to our clinical practice.
This was almost a catch-up with an old friend in addition to the podcast. 
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