Episode 58: The Outsiders - Clinicians divorced from their profession with Aaron Kubal

chiropractic outsiders Dec 27, 2021



Welcome to another episode of The Words Matter Podcast. 

On this episode I’m continuing with the Outsider Series where I speak with clinicians who feel they’re divorced from their profession, and share their experiences, struggles and how things could change.

And today I’m speaking with Aaron Kubal. Aaron is a chiropractor in the United States who works with people experiencing pain via telehealth exclusively.

He has developed a large social media following, which he uses to advocate for evidence-based, person-centered care, as well as criticise harmful/unsupported narratives & practices.

Aaron's non-conventional journey through the beginning stages of his career has positioned him as an outsider within his chiropractic profession.

So it was great to speak with Aaron, his journey to the outsider resonates with mine (see my outsider episode here). And many of you will know Aaron from his incredibly engaging Instagram posts and Tiktoks where he transfers knowledge and evidence around the care of people experiencing pain, and smashed head on the myths and dogma which surround chiropractic and MSK practice. Sailing against such a strong current, it’s not surprising that Aaron feels like an outsider of his profession.

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