Episode 70: The Clinical Reasoning Series - Why is this person suffering and how can I help them? An AMA special


Welcome to another episode of the Words Matter Podcast.

So we are at the penultimate episode of the clinical reasoning series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and much as I have. In the final episode I’ll be chatting with Matthew Low where we will be reflecting on the series as a whole and tying up any loose ends in regards to what this all means for clinical practice.

Matt is a good friend of the podcast and he’s been on several times taking about evidence-based practice (listen here), person-centred care (listen here) and causal dispositionalism (listen here and here). He has impressive combination of clinical experience and expertise combined with a vice like grip on theory and evidence for practice. 

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I’ve received quite a few questions and comments as a result of the series, so I thought I dedicate some time in responding to some of them in clinical reasoning-themed ask me anything. 

The questions I’ve received are wide ranging, so I’ve tried to choose a good spread and will seek cover as much ground as time and energy allow. So in this episode I cover:

  • How my view of clinical reasoning has shifted.
  • Our assumptions when seeking to understand why a person is suffering and how we might help them.
  • Whether I think that the different musculoskeletal professions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic clinically reason differently. 
  • How theory can shroud and inform the focus of our cognitive processes involved in clinical reasoning.
  • The nature of expertise in relation to clinical reasoning.
  • My suggestions for developing your clinical reasoning.

Thanks to all for listening, sharing and supporting The Words Matter Podcast and a huge thank you for all the guests that have shared their own reasoning and thinking so wonderfully.

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