Episode 71: The Clinical Reasoning Series - Reflections, considerations and implications with Matthew Low


Welcome to another episode of The Words Matter Podcast.

Sorry for the slight hiatus; COVID and general life caught up with me – but I’m pleased to be on top of them both and bring you the final episode of the clinical reasoning series.

The series really has been incredible – to have 10 episodes totalling over 10 hours of long-form discussion with guests that have such a depth of expertise and insight into their respective domains of clinical reasoning is just wonderful – I very much hope and think, that this series will form an invaluable resource for clinicians and students just like the CauseHealth and Qualitative research series. So please enjoy and share.

So as promised, in this episode I’m speaking with consultant physiotherapist Matthew Low. Matthew is a good friend and regular guest on the podcast (listen here, here, here and here). His ability reflect and think deeply about the experience of clinical practice and to use evidence and theory to get some sort purchase on a clinical reality is a joy to engage with and listen to. Matt and I meander through some of the implications from the series. Our conversation is wide ranging, and we cover:

  • How clinical reasoning as a term fails to capture the technicolour and socially interactive process of sense-making.
  • We talk about The Cynefin framework as a way of aiding clinical decision-making.
  • The challenge and awkwardness of diagnosis construction in MSK practice.
  • What it means to embrace uncertainty, and from who’s perspective.
  • We speak about ethics-based practice and also the primacy of thinking narratively.

So thanks again to all my guests, listeners and Patreon supporters.

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