Podcast 01. Nocebic Narratives of the SIJ - with Dr Thorvaldur Palsson

narrative nocebic podcast sij Mar 24, 2020


On this episode of the Words Matter Podcast, I spoke with Dr Thorvaldur (Valdi) Palsson. We talk about his excellent recent article (written with Ben Darlow, Greg Lehman and Samatha Bunzli) in Physical Therapy Journal titled "Changing the Narrative in Diagnosis and Management of Pain in the Sacroiliac Joint Area”. See full paper here.
Manual and musculoskeletal therapies and educators have, over the years, placed huge emphasis on the specifics and SIJ movement, function, palpation from both a diagnostics point of view and from the point of view of matching up the specific SIJ movement or positional dysfunction with a specific technique to correct it. Some therapies and therapists have built their career and professional identities on the mystical phenomenon of the SIJ 'dysfunction;.
So, we talked about the the plausibility of manual testing and manual therapy to the SIJ, and the sorts of beliefs that practitioners and patients have in relation to the area.
Then we go into the weeds, and discussed that by paying attention to the language that patients use provides us an opportunity to obtain interpretive portrayal of an individuals’ beliefs and experiences.
We also spoke about why words matter in relation to the SIJ regions and language provides an opportunity for us to begin to help shape new beliefs and news experiences in people with LBP/SIJ pain.
I really enjoyed the podcast, Valdi was a great engaging guest. Enjoy.
Dr Thorvaldur Palsson graduated as a physiotherapist from the University of Iceland and finished his postgraduate degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth Australia. He has spent time in Norway as part of the Norwegian Manual Therapy postgraduate program.
His completed his PhD at Aalborg University, Denmark investigating the sensory and motor aspects of SIJ pain, where he now hold an Associate Professor position.
He also works clinically as a Physiotherapist where he mainly specialises in helping people with low back and pelvic girdle pain.
More about Dr Palsson can be found here and here 
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