Podcast 10: Right map, wrong terrain - navigating the many paths of evidence-based practice with Matthew Low


Welcome to The Words Matter Podcast. On this episode I talk again to consultant physiotherapist Matthew Low.

Matthew and I spoke on episode 07 and many of you requested to get Matt back which despite me trying to get this trending on Twitter I couldn’t break through the big political story of the hour.

Matt and I continue our discussion about the nature of clinical practice and how evidence and the patient can help is navigate the Rocky undulating terrain of MSK care.

We also go further into the role of bias and subjectivity in clinical practice and how we can help manage, understand and incorporate the patient’s values and preferences into clinical decision-making.

One reason I always enjoy talking to Matt is the extensive clinical expertise he brings to the conversation.

The clarity with which he is able to verbalise his ‘real world’ clinical reasoning and practice, whilst also drawing upon and situating these aspects in the philosophical, theoretical and research knowledge is both immensely engaging and impressive.

Expertise such as this are something to behold, and not easily found in MSK care.

We also talk about the Chapter he wrote for the new CauseHealth, Book Rethinking Causality, Complexity and Evidence for the Unique Patient. Matt’s captivating chapter titled 'Above and Beyond Statistical Evidence. Why Stories Matter for Clinical Decisions and Shared Decision Making'  formed an outline of our conversation. 

The book is completely free to download and is an essential resource for all clinicians. Click here to access it.

I hope you enjoy my second conversation with Matt. It is really just more of the same from him-  clear, wise and insightful.

Find Matthew on Twitter and Instagram and his Blog Perspectives on Physiotherapy here

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