Episode 54: Recognising expertise Part 2 - Trusting the trustworthy with Dr Carlo Martini


Welcome to another episode of The Words Matter Podcast.

So this is part 2 of my conversation with philosopher and epistemologist Dr Carlo Martini, discussion the nature of expertise and how we recognise the associated attributes of an expert. If you haven’t listened to the first part of our conversation, go back and listen to that first so that this episode makes more sense!

So in this episode we speak about:

  • The two dimensions to medical communication and we distinguish between scientific misinformation and disinformation.
  • We talk about how the we recognise expertise while standing in the shoes of the layperson?
  • We talk about who should be tasked with recognizing expertise
  • And we talk about public perception of expertise and unsurprisingly we use the current pandemic as an exemplar of when experts disagree as well as as the propagation of medical misinformation and in some cases disinformation.

So I hope you enjoy this second part of my chat with Carlo, it’s been great to have him share his own expertise on the subject of expertise. 

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